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Moving On

 It seems I won’t be at the bookstore much longer – I’ve been offered a teaching job starting this August. A shame that I didn’t have the opportunity to launch Inkblog much earlier. I do hope you’ve enjoyed the reviews, and if I have the chance to come back to YA blogging in future, I will.

Thank you!


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Harry Potter and the Cover Dilemma

Harry Potter book 7 - ooh, it’s a shiny Horcrux! (UK/Canadian Hardcover Adult Edition)So as you may or may not know (having read the Introduction/Your Host sections, or just after picking up on the way I talk), I work at a big-name Canadian bookstore. Not too long ago, we got in our pre-order details for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the much-anticipated seventh book in the HP series. I, like about a billion other people, lined up eagerly at the store (before I worked there!) at midnight for the launch of the sixth book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, then proceeded to stay up until my eyes watered, gnawing through its 500+ pages before someone on the great wide Intarweb had the chance to spoil it for me.

This year I’m in a dilemma. I’m going to be in the U.S. during the launch weekend as part of an unrelated trip whose dates I can’t change (even if I was willing to do that for Harry, which I admittedly am not). I’ll be missing the launch at my home store, which is a disappointment – I do work in the kids’ section, I enjoy this kind of thing – but even worse is that now I have to choose between biting the bullet and getting a copy during my trip, or waiting the agonizing few days before I’m safely back across the border. I don’t want to buy the US version, and since I only see these friends once a year I shouldn’t really spend my time reading anyway, but I do want to go to the launch…any launch. And if I’m already there, can I actually hold back from buying it? Compounded by this are a number of other factors; one, the price will be steeper if I get it in the States, two, I don’t want the Americanized version, since I’ve been reading the UK/Canada ones up till now and a bunch of stuff is changed (“Sorcerer’s Stone”? Pardon?), but then, the UK cover is hugely disappointing. Generally I’ve preferred our artwork over the US version, but not this time!

The last factor, of course, is that if I wait until I return home – or even hit a bookstore somewhere in Ontario on the way to the airport – there’s a chance that someone will spoil it for me. Ah, it seems so silly to worry about something like this when there are so many other things in one’s life, but there you have it!

The hardcover Adult Edition is very attractive, however. It’s pictured above. Maybe I’ll pre-order that to one of the Toronto stores, hmm?

Any of you readers have plans for the launch? July 21st seems impossibly close!

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